DevWeek 2014 talk: “iOS developer overview”

So, you’re a developer, but you have never worked with iOS? In this session, Ardeleanu will provide a head start on how to plan, build, debug and release iOS 7 apps. The talk will cover a wide range of topics, including: the App Store ecosystem; the nature of an app; iOS 7′s new UI and how to migrate from iOS 6; interface design; dev tools (Xcode – IDE, Simulator, Instruments – docs, etc); design patterns; debugging and optimisation; App Store and ad-hoc distribution; and what makes an app successfully.


DevWeek 2014 talk: “Prototyping saves your bacon”

Prototyping is often a misunderstood subject, especially when it comes to mobile apps. It is often mistaken for wire-framing or detailed project specifications. In this session, Ardeleanu will explore the tools and techniques available to create an agile environment where the client can participate in the process. He will take an app from the idea stage and progress it through the list of features, writing the Application Definition Statement (ADS), sketching, paper prototyping and eventually on to something that can run on the actual device. Clients love that! And it could save your bacon.